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TRIPLE P Positive Parenting Programme


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At Innovate and Inspire we are passionate about the benefits of the Triple P Positive Parenting Triple P LogoProgrammes for parents, carers and ultimately children. We have been delivering the Triple P Positive Parenting Programme to parents for more than six years and are still delighted when parents tell us what a difference the programme has made to their lives.

The Parenting Team At Innovate And Inspire Are Qualified And Experienced In Delivering The Following Triple P Programmes:

For Parents/Carers of children 0 to pre-puberty.
For Parents/Carers of children/young people from puberty to 17 years old.
For Parents/Carers of children on any age with a physical disability, development delay or a personality disorder such as ADHD, ADD, Oppositional Behaviour etc (diagnosed or undiagnosed).
For Parents/Carers of children of any age that are in conflict over the parenting of their children.


Parent of a 5 and a 7 year old

" I used to feel like I was a bad parent because I couldn’t cope with my children’s behaviour, but now I am full of confidence. My children are happier and their behaviour has improved so much."

Parent of a 3 year old

"My sons tantrums were unbelievable, he would scream and kick, throw things and bang his head on the floor, I couldn’t take him anywhere because I was frightened of what he would do. I went on Triple P because I was stressed out all the time and didn’t know which way to turn. I learned how to manage my son’s tantrums and put boundaries in place. I can take my son out now without worrying about his behaviour and best of all my son is happier, more contented and I am really enjoying being a Mum.

I learned how to manage my sons tantrums and put boundaries in place. I can take my son out now without worrying about his behaviour and best of all my son is happier, more contented and I am really enjoying being a Mum"

Parent of a 14 year old

"I was really worried about my teenage daughter; she was out of control and wouldn’t listen to me or even speak to me most of the time. I went on Teen Triple P because I was at the end of my tether. I learned so much on the course, and started to use what I had learned straightaway, it wasn’t easy and it did take time but eventually things started to improve and our relationship became less angry and negative and we started talking to each other with respect and more importantly started listening to each other. I am so relived that our relationship is much better and that I can help my daughter through the teenage years.

I am so relived that our relationship is on an even keel and that I can help my daughter through the teenage years."

Parents of a 5 and 13 year old who were in conflict

“Me and my husband were always falling-out about how we should parent our children, we would have blazing rows and I would end up in tears. This affected the children and they would become upset but would also play one of us off against the other. I felt that if something didn’t change our family would be broken up, which is the last thing I wanted. I found out about the Enhanced Triple P Programme form a friend who had had the same problems.

We went along and began to realize why we had such different ideas about being a parent. Once we understood this we stopped blaming each other and started to work as a team. Our children were surprised at the changes and were challenging for a while, but they soon realized that they couldn’t manipulate us any more and they have now changed for the better. We are more of a family unit now and our family life is more peaceful and enjoyable”

Parent of an 11 year old with development delay

“My daughter has a development disability and I was finding it very difficult to meet all her needs. I went on the Stepping Stones Triple P Programme looking for help and advice on how I could help my daughter develop her full potential and for re-assurance that I was doing the best for my daughter in all aspects of her life.

I loved the programme and couldn’t wait to go the following week. I met other parents who had children with development delay and/or physical disabilities and we really bonded as a group. I learned so many techniques and strategies for meeting my daughters needs, things like, teaching new skills and behaviours and managing misbehaviour. Thank you to Triple P and the Tutors for this fantastic programme.”

Parent of a 7 year old boy with ADHD

ADHD is a very difficult condition to get diagnosed but even before diagnosis I knew their was something wrong with my sons behaviour. I was desperate for help as I was at the point of meltdown. I went on Triple P and was surrounded by Parents who were experiencing the same emotions and problems as me.

It was such a relief to know that I wasn’t alone in the world!! Triple P really helped me to understand my son’s condition and gave me the confidence and knowledge to do the best for him. My attitude towards my son changed from being despairing and negative to hopeful and positive. I have totally changed the way I parent my son and it really does work.


We also deliver to Parents/Carers a six week (2 hours per week) fun insight into teenage behaviours that helps Parents deal with what is, without doubt, a very challenging time for Parents and Teenagers alike. Developed by the NHS and delivered by experienced qualified trainers:


Might be just what you need to survive and embrace the teenage years !!


For more information or to discuss your child’s behaviour contact MARIE PHILPOTT on (mobile) 07969 431 043 or email

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