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Worklessness (U2U Programme)

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U2U Programme Overview

Innovate and Inspire have a wealth of experience of working with young people and adults who have significant barrier to progression. The U2U programme has been specifically designed to train and support people who need a different approach to education to realize their full potential and progress with their lives.

Using social learning theory to inform practice, Innovate and Inspire have developed teaching and learning methods that are applied using a strength based approach and meet the learning styles of learners. The training methods and materials are innovative, people centred and are aimed at building self-esteem, confidence, resilience, problem solving abilities and creative and innovative skills.

At Innovate and Inspire we believe that everyone has something that they are good at that can be developed to support progression in a positive and fruitful manner often changing lifestyles, ambitions and values.

The U2U programme is ideal for those who:

The main features of the U2U Programme:

Exploring individual aspirations. Finding-out what individuals are good at/what they want to be good at. Understanding what progression routes are open to them.

Exploring options such as:

The programme features skills development such as:

The programme features knowledge development such as:

The U2U programme can be adapted to focus on one or more progression route or can be fully inclusive of all progression route training.

Comments from previous learners:

“If it wasn’t for this course I wouldn’t be going to college”

"I am over the moon that I have found a job, I never thought I could do it”

“Was brilliant I didn’t want it to end, I am going to college to do a Teaching Assistants Course”

“I feel far more confident about the future”

“I am going to develop my business idea with the help of Blue Orchid, I’m really excited”

“I have started doing face painting and I am already making extra money”


To find out more about our U2U Programme please contact MARIE PHILPOTT on (mobile) 07969 431 043 or email

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